Paper Hat Origami for Columbus Day!

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 Paper Hat Origami for Columbus Day!
Columbus Day is Monday October 13th!
Paper hats are so simple, yet tons of fun!
 You need a giant piece of paper...
this is 18 by 24" construction paper...but newspaper works great too!
 Fold in half the squatty way...
 Then gently fold it over like you would fold it in half again...
but don't crease it!
 Just pinch it right at the top (folded edge)
 And then open it back up.
Use this pinched mark as the center...
 And fold the corners in to line up in the center.
 Take the flaps at the bottom and fold the top one up...
flip the hat over and fold up the other flap!
 Pop it open and put it on your head!
You can decorate with markers or add feathers!
Have fun!
Great craft for kids imagination!
Also...look who ripped out his 2 bottom teeth this week!
They grow up fast!

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