Seashell week! I's really Shark Week!

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6:00 AM
So summer is coming to an end.
Did you go to the BEACH?
I love the beach.
We went to the Gulf of Mexico this summer and it was gorgeous!
White sands and big seashells!
Do you have a big stash of seashells laying around???

Seashell Week!  (I know it's really Shark Week...but close right?)
Come by everyday for a fabulous project involving seashells!
I didn't make this...but my sister in law brought it back for me from a cruise!
It's the perfect little treasure box!
(It would be easy to make with a paper mache, cardboard or
 little wooden box...shells and a buttload of hot glue!)
 I keep all my baby treasures in it...
lost hospital bands...battery that ended up in child #3's nose...
that kind of stuff!
 Love it!
 Come back for more great Beachy ideas this week!

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