Seashell Dangle Earrings!

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 Seashell Dangle Earrings!
Seashells are so much fun to collect--why not show them off?!!

 Here's what you'll need to make 1 pair of earrings:
2 spiral shells with the sides cut off exposing the chambers
(you can find them already cut at craft stores or use a dremel tool and cut your own!)
2 hook earrings
2 jewelry pins (could even be eye pins...but these are what I had)
2 hook embellishments (optional but pretty)
Spray paint
Jump rings and jewelry pliers
I started by taking the shells to the garage to spray paint them.
I love the variety of metallic paints...had to do one set gold and one silver.

While they dried, I attached my earring hooks to the little embellishments I had.
I have an entire bucket of jewelry this was no stretch.
 Now, you can see I am losing daylight...
Take some E6000 glue
  and dunk the pin inside the tube...
 Remove it with a generous amount of glue...
 Insert it into the end of the seashell.
 Press it right up against the shell wall.
Let it dry completely.
Nearly done.
 Take the pliers and snip off about half the length of the pin...
so you have about half an inch remaining.
Then curl that half inch into a circle and hook it through
the embellishment part of the earring.
 Like this.
I needed to use 2 jump rings on the gold set...
but the silver worked without them!
I love how they turned out--little bows and all!
 And these Silver pearl ones too!
They are an adorable beachy, but sophisticated, statement piece!
Come back tomorrow for more Seashell ideas!

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vstefani said…
These are lovely - thank you! I think I prefer my shells in their natural colors, though, and I have some, and some beads that will go nicely with them. You've inspired me :D