Seashell Soap Dish

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6:00 AM
 Seashell Soap Dish!
What better way to display something as boring as soap than a giant shell?!
 I have a bunch of these ancient shells.
They are giant and awesome...but sort of useless.

 So I added a touch of pink enamel!
The perfect paint because it is not water
 constant soap and water wont be a problem!

 I poured some hot pink nail polish into the shell and used the wand to paint it on!
 Easy, awesome and the perfect pop of color!!!
 And it now happily resides by my sink for the cleanliness of hands.
Or it could hold jewelry...rings perhaps!
 Awesome and bright!
I love it!

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Wonnie said…
Absolutely awesome <3 <3 <3 And my favorite color ;-) Love it!
xxx Wonnie