Cowrie Shell Flower Jewelry and Shoe Clips!

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Cowrie Shell Flower Jewelry and Shoe Clips!
I love taking fun embellishments and adding them
 to plain old shoes or strappy sandals!
Shoe clips are perfect to switch up!
Cowrie shells are so fun.  They look like little shark mouths!
These ones have had their backs cut off.  You can buy them cut like this at the craft store
for cheap...or use something like a dremel tool to cut your own!
Sticking 5 of these little shells together makes the perfect flower!
So pick 5 that are all about the same size.
And you will need some twine and a bead too.
For the demonstration purposes, I used pink and white you can see it better!
Start with about 5 feet of twine.
Thread it through the shells...leaving about 3 inches of twine to tie off later.
alternating going through the top of it...
or going up through the backside of it.
Then continue threading it in and out of the shells in a circle.
Keep going around the flowers until it feels firm and holds its shape...
as opposed to flopping around.
Then wrap the twine between every shell and back through the center...
leaving both loose ends of twine on the backside of the flower.

Then pull the twin through the center and knot it with the other end of the twine.
Pull the twine back through the center and add a bead.
Tuck it through a shell and knot it again.
Then repeat!
I did 2 with white twine for my shoe clips!
All tied up!
Both finished!
These flowers make the most adorable necklaces too!
I have these plain white and tan twine colored sandals...
I just used a tiny safety pin and threaded it through...
and hooked it through the twine of the seashell flower...
Perfect accessory to upcycle a plain pair of sandals!
Love the beachy vibe!
Cowrie shells, even uncut make great little flowers!
And a choker can double as an ankle bracelet...or anklet!
Seashell week!

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