Pixel Hama Bead 8-Bit Bows!

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 Pixel Perler Bead Bows!
Make adorable pixelated bow shoe clips!
After all, Bowties are, and forever will be, Cool!
 Or a fabulous geeky chic hair clip!
Easy and fun!
Using Perler, melty or hama beads!
  We absolutely love perler beads.
But we've ended up with a jumble of mixed colors in big bags.
And not a black one to be found!
 Nothing against these big bulk packages...but they make
searching take half the time of the making process!
 But...I got some packages of specific colored beads sent to me from Wholeport!
Now I have some metallics, mint, skin tones and black!
No searching or gathering!
About $2.59 per package of 500...great for getting the specific colors you need!
They have about 60 different colors.
 Here's how I do a pattern.
For this one I used the hexagon shaped board.
 Just trace the board on some scrap paper...like this.
 Draw the basic shape you want.
(or print something off the computer)
 Place it back on top and follow those guidelines.
 Leaving some room for creativity,
but having an outline is very helpful!
 Outline the bow in black.
This will give it the true 8-bit feel.
 Fill in with color.
I did an ombre bow...with a little highlight!
Place parchment paper over the top and iron gently.
Carefully turn the entire thing over, cover with parchment and iron the other side.
The edges of the perler beads will melt and stick together.
 Repeat for a perfect pair of bows!
 For the hair clip I used the square peg board.
 Filled in the same with a varying color scheme for depth!
 Now I did 2 with shoe clips and the other a hair clip.
I did not end up using the alligator clip though...
 Instead I used a french clip.
I used E6000 to glue it on the backside...but because of the arch of the clip,
I wrapped it with thread to keep it's shape while the glue dried.
(then easily cut the thread off)
 I used the same glue for the shoe clips.
 Clipped on the buckle strap of these mary-janes for the perfect accessory!
 Super cute!
Great geeky accessory for cheap!

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Maufeline said…
If you iron a piece of cloth on the back side, the perler bead bows won't break so easily. I made those a while ago (http://www.alchemikus.de/maufeline/2013/01/pixel-auf-dem-kopf.html - it is in German, but the pictures speak for themselves) and only the one with the cloth ironed on was strong enough (and made it into my blog ;-) ). The first one broke when my youngest son jumped on my head...
Maufeline said…
Okay, I have to admit: I should have taken a black cloth, because the light one I used shows too much on the edges... and the next time I make a bow, I'll remember to think before I start ;-)