Union Jack Charm Bracelet!

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6:00 AM
 Union Jack Charm Bracelet!
Perfect nod to Doctor Who and the United Kingdom!
 Back in June I did a Union Jack manicure...
based off my favorite Rose Tyler outfit!!!
Seriously, I need that shirt!

 Here's the nails!
 So using these same canes of fimo clay...that I got from Wholeport
 I cut off about 1/4" pieces.
Pierced them with a pin...
 Stuck a bead pin through the hole...
 Like this...
And used pliers to make a loop on the top!
 And then repeated several times.
The clay is baked...but soft.
Do not bake in the oven or the beads will crack...ask me how I know!  :P
 Next, get a chain bracelet.
I used bulk chain and hooked a toggle on the end of it.
 Then used jump rings to attach the UK Union Jack
 charms in intervals around the bracelet!
 It's adorable, dainty and the perfect touch of Who! 

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