Dalek Nightlight! Illuminate!

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6:00 AM
Do you ever do a project that blows your own mind?
I am totally impressed with myself about this genius project!
The Dalek Nightlight!Illuminate!
(admit it...you said that in your head in a Dalek voice!)
Here's the simple diy.
I picked up this Avengers nightlight from the Dollar Tree!
 I printed off my favorite cartoonized picture of a Dalek.
I used it here for a giant cut-out too!
You'll also need a sheet of Shrink plastic and sharpie markers.
 Lay the shrink plastic on top of the printout.
 Tape in place.
 And trace the entire Dalek in black!
 Then fill in and color with silver or gold sharpie
 Until satisfied.
 Then cut out that little Dalek leaving about 1/8" or
 so of a border around the outline.
 Okay, then melt the plastic in the oven.
(sadly there are no pictures of this process...you place colored size up on a baking sheet.  Place in preheated 350* oven...and watch the plastic curl up and then flatten back out)
And...ta da!
Look how much it shrunk!
 Okay, now for some minor surgery.
I removed the Avengers cover plate for the light...it just slides on.
I used my bandsaw and cut the plate down so I could just use the slide on mechanism.
 Next I used E6000 glue to glue the nightlight slide onto the base of the Dalek.
Let it dry completely...like overnight.
 Then your little Dalek will slide right onto the nightlight with ease!
 Plug that bad boy in and presto!
 The most genius little nightlight ever!
Go ahead, illuminate!

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Unknown said…
Such a cool project! We're Doctor Who fanatics...not sure what people would think of adults having a Dalek nightlight but I might have to do it anyway! LOL
Love it! For smoother coloring, you can either draw the black on one side and then flip it over and color (then the black won't smudge into the other colors), or you can buy the "frosted" shrinky dink paper, draw the black on one side and flip over and color with colored pencils on the other. I can't wait to do this!
Unknown said…
You can also buy printable shrink film. That's the stuff I love (since I can't draw!). Goes into a normal inkjet printer.