Wire Wrapped Ocean Treasures!

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 Wire Wrapped Ocean Treasures!
 I was sent this book,
Sea Glass Jewelry by Lindsay Furber and Mary Beth Beuke,
 to review and write a post about.
In it's over 100 full color pages with gorgeous pictures...it tells you all about Sea Glass!
I wish I found some sea glass at the ocean...it's so pretty!
The book even breaks down the rarest kinds of
sea glass...have you ever found any?
 There are about 7 different jewelry making techniques in the book...
including drilling holes into glass!
If you are a collector or interested in custom jewelry, this is a great book!
But my favorite was the wire wrapping!
Wire wrapping is perfect for things that don't have holes in them.
To begin, I had a collection of odd ocean treasures.
A shark tooth fossil...a unicorn horn shell, and some Crinoids...
yes...screw like fossils from an ancient sea lily.
 Side note...when we were at the Gulf of Mexico in June...
a fishing boat crew caught a shark about 20 yards from us...
then they released it in the same spot...thanks guys!
 I got a 6 inch piece of wire and the shark tooth.
(ode to shark week)
 It was my first try, so I held it tight,
twisted and wrapped...
 Tied it off and realized I didn't take enough pictures!
 I had to do it again!
 So, I found some plastic coated wire...super cheap stuff...
and an oyster I found at the Gulf.
 Run the wire going up the backside of the object.
 While holding the backside wire in place, wrap the other end
 of the wire around the front of the object until it gets to the top.
Because this wire is very soft, I twisted the 2 ends together
 and looped them forming the pendant opening.
 Easy to put on a chain and wear your exotic jewelry!
I have a giveaway for a copy of the Sea Glass Jewelry book!

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Looks like a fun book!