Paracord Bracelets!

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Paracord Bracelets!
I got these patriotic paracord bracelet kits from Oriental Trading! 
They have buckles and lots of different colors of cord!
They also have some cool camo ones with a compass!
They are perfect for tween/teen birthday parties or Summer camps!
Each kit came with directions, 2 lengths
of paracord and a buckle!
 Just a larks head or girth hitch with each cord.
 Like this.
 Then a series of square knots...
alternating which one crosses over the top...
and which one goes underneath.
This will keep the bracelet flat.
 Like I said, the directions are included!
 My 10 year old loved it!
 As did my 12 year old!
 Even my 5 year old and my husband made them too!
My hubby had a great way to finish them off.
You could just tie it off up top...
But he looped the white cords through the other end of the buckle
when there was about 1 inch more to go.  Then laid them back over the
 white cords and tied 3 more knots with the colored cord...
over all the white 4.
He pinched the colored ends with pliers and burned them until the ends melted.

 Then pressed the melted parts together.
Perfect bond.
 Then snipped the excess white cords...
 And melted them together as well.
 Like that!
 Everyone loved the finished products!

 Perfect for summer fun!

And if you want some...but you don't want to make them yourself...
Oriental Trading has them here!

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Gwen said…
Oh, my gosh! We tried to make these at a Scout event and they went all wrong! You're look amazing, girl!