Dichroic Glass Pendants!

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Dichroic Glass Pendants!
Dichroic glass is reflective and gorgeous--It changes 
color depending on the angle you look at it!
I think it looks like galaxies, planets or nebula!
 These are stunning and make a fabulous necklace!
These ones require no cutting, so they are pretty simple.
 I used Fuseworks Glass Microwave Kiln!
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I was sent this Fuseworks Beginner's Fusing Kit from Diamond Tech!
It's about $100 at craft stores and less than $80 on amazon!
After playing with the pieces they sent me,
I hurried to buy another $60 worth of supplies at the craft store!
Dichroic glass is more expensive...but it is so pretty!
I got fancy at first.
I took 2 of the round pieces and used my glass cutter to cut them both in half.
I score the line.  (don't press too hard)
And then fold a cloth around it.
I use 2 sets of pliers...hold one as pictured below right by the score line.
Then I take the other pliers and pinch lightly on the other side...bend and pop!

Hopefully, if all goes well, a perfect cut!
I cut both pieces...
Stacked them on a plain black disk and
microwaved according to directions.
Super sparkly galaxy!
 For these 4...I used a dichroic glass piece uncut
and stacked a clear glass piece on top!
They look gorgeous and magnified!
This one I got pretty creative too...and did sort of a plus pattern.
I used lots of pieces of dichroic glass stacked on a big blue rectangle...
And they all turned out so pretty!
But what to do with them???
My beginner kit came with some jewelry findings.
I also had some pendant loops too.
And my trusty E6000...
And I just glued hardware to all the pieces!
Let them dry...and presto!
Ready for stunning jewelry!
Love this color-blocked arrowhead!
This cute pinwheel!
And of course, my favorite...
the Dichroic pendants!
Which one is your favorite???

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DianeM said…
OMGoodness this is soooo cool! I LOVE all the items you created with it...who knew you could make your owned fused glass pieces in your home!
Smiles, DianeM :)