Leather Cuff with Emitations Earrings!

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Leather Cuff with Emitations Earrings!
 Emitations sent me these gorgeous clip-on earrings in exchange for this post!
(even though it was supposed to be a month ago--sorry!)
They have tons of gorgeous jewelry and a whole department of clip-ons!
I got 2 beautiful sets.
These Roxie's Fancy Champagne Clusters...they are so big and gorgeous!
And these Jenni's Fancy Chocolate Wings
They are like cuffs that fit up the side of your ear lobe...so cute!
They are perfect for earrings...but are versatile and can be used in many other jewelry ways!
Like this rough Leather cuff!
I cut a strip of leather to make a cuff...just measure around your wrist.
(Mine measures: 8 1/4" by 2")
And slightly rounded the corners...
And then put snaps on the ends to make the closure.
(you can buy pre-made leather cuffs at the craft store too)
Then I simply used a cutting blade to make 2 half inch cuts,
about a half inch apart in the almost center of the cuff.
 Just slip the closure of the clip-on earring into the cuff...
 And presto!
 Wrap it, snap it and go!
So cute...and you can change it up with whatever you are wearing!
 Add a little chocolate wing...so cute and almost steampunk!
 Love it!
 But this glitzy one is my total favorite!
I love the contrast between the raw rough leather
 and the shiny polished rhinestones!
 Add some old vintage pieces...family heirlooms like clip-ons or brooches!
 Great gift idea too!
Check out Emitations great selection of jewelry!

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