Root Beer Float Popsicles!

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6:00 AM
Root Beer Float Popsicles!
Perfect treat for a hot summer day!
 You will need root beer and ice cream!
3 oz. paper cups
popsicle sticks
 Place cups on a platter that will fit into the freezer.
 Add about a half inch of root beer in each cup
 Freeze completely!
 Then add a small round scoop of ice cream on top of the frozen root beer.
Add a stick through the ice cream.
Then place back in the freezer for a couple hours.
 Fill the remaining cup with root beer and freeze again.
(I let them freeze overnight)
There was some overspill from the fizziness of the root beer!
 Then just peel off the paper cup and enjoy!
They are so yummy--but they melt fast!
That's why the 3 oz. size is perfect!  :)

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mizdarlin said…
OMG these sound so good! Nothing finer on a hot day...thanks!