Fuseworks Glass Microwave Kiln!

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Fuseworks Glass Microwave Kiln!
I was sent this Fuseworks Beginner's Fusing Kit from Diamond Tech!
It's about $100 at craft stores and less than $80 on amazon!
 It comes with a kiln (made for the microwave), lots of glass, kiln paper,
 a great glass cutter, heat resistant gloves and some findings for jewelry!
The glass is beautiful!
But it's glass...so sharp edges.  This is not a kids craft.  Haha!
 The kiln is lightweight...has a base and a lid.
 You place some kiln paper on the base.
(it should be a quarter inch larger than your glass)
Then layer on the glass pieces you want...
Stick the base in the microwave.
(I didn't even bother cleaning the microwave...or photoshopping this picture...keeping it real)
 Follow the package directions for heating.
I microwaved it for 3 1/2 minutes, then about another 3 minutes,
checking every 30 seconds to minute.
 A brief lift will show if the glass has completely fused.
It's molten glass!  Seriously hot!
It can get over 1400 degrees in there...so be careful!
 Remove the kiln and keep the lid on it for about 30 minutes.
Then remove the lid and let the glass continue to cool slowly.
Rapid cooling can cause cracking.
You can see how hot it is inside...

After it is cooled completely...
Check it out!
Wash the excess kiln paper off the back of the glass and
admire the amazing fused glass!
It's seriously addicting!
Then start another one!
I cut the corners off this large square and added some dichroic glass.
Dichroic glass is gorgeous, shiny and changes color
depending on the angle you look at it!
 After melting there were burs all over the edges...
 Easy.  Just sand them off with a nail file!
 Perfect and smooth!
Then you can experiment with patterns!
 And shapes!
Come back tomorrow for the transformation into jewelry!
And more dichroic pendants!

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Lina said…
Looks like fun! How about if you want to make a hole in the glass (to make it a pendant for example). Wondering how you would go about that, do you know?
Seriously cool. Or hot maybe? :)
Stacie S-H said…
Oh wow, yep! This is the exact same one I got. Curious too, and maybe my instructions say, how to get a hole in the glass to run a string through it. If I wasn't sick I'd be using mine today!
Alvin Evans said…
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