Steampunk your Guns with Rub 'n Buff!

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 This is amazing!
Welcome to Rub 'n Buff week!
 I just discovered Rub 'n Buff Metallic Finishes.
It's like a metallic wax paint.
It rubs on and buffs to a shine.
Great on loads of surfaces!  Plastic, wood, metal, vinyl, foam!
This takes Halloween costumes to a WHOLE new level!
 I was sent 5 shades of Rub 'n Buff from AMACO
I loved it so much, I went and bought 3 more tubes of it at Hobby Lobby.
My husband and kids want to try it on everything!
 This handgun was the first project we tried.
Here's the Before:
 And the after!
 I used a pea sized amount of the Spanish Copper for the top half of the gun.
I ended up using about double the amount pictured below.
 This first job I did with my bare time I wore latex gloves.
Use in a well ventilated area, it's got a strong scent.
Just rub it all around.
I used a stiff disposable paint brush to get into all the grooves.
 Let the wax dry about 10 minutes before beginning to buff.
Then use a soft cloth and rub it until it shines.
 It's amazing!
 Next, I used Grecian Gold for the lower half of the gun.
 Same technique getting into all the grooves and spaces.
 Let it dry overnight.
My 5 year old was thrilled!  He wants all his guns steampunk style now!
Totally awesome!
Okay, should be noted that for safety reasons toy guns need to have an orange tip.
This is a great cosplay accessory, but use good judgement.

What would you try it on?
 I'm giving away 1 tube of Gold Leaf Rub 'N Buff to you!
Enter here:

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Cheryl said…
I'd love to try it on a picture frame. Thanks for a chance to win.
Unknown said…
So cute. PLEASE leave the ends of the guns orange/red so the police eat know at a glance they are not real guns. This could be disastrous, and toy gun makers are require by law to make them orange/red at the end.
Emily said…
I've been looking for a way to steampunk guns for cosplay that didn't use spray paint! I can't WAIT to try this!!!
This stuff looks awesome!
Celeste said…
I've never heard of this stuff before but now I want to try it on everything I own!
mommysmush said…
First time I have ever seen this stuff! Hope I win so I can try it on a costume I need to make for a play! Thanks so much and happy crafting!