Doctor Who: Good Better Best!

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6:00 AM
 What's better than a Giant cardboard cutout of the TARDIS?
Okay, the actual TARDIS!
But if you can't have need this one!
 I received this TARDIS cutout free of charge from Oriental Trading 
in exchange for my honest review and post.

I am thrilled that Oriental Trading has a whole bunch of my favorite geeky stuff...
(last year we got this Jango Fett costume)
they are already the total party stop...and now it's even better!
They even have 2 different cutouts of David Tennant!  $35 each.
The Tardis arrived through time and space with some assembly required.
 We unfolded it...yes, there's the Pandorica opens!
Lay the Tardis face down on the floor...
remove the sticky back velcro tabs...
 Line it up at the bottom guide lines...
 And press it down.
Attach the other velcro piece to the velcro tabs and tuck them into the easel.
 Then it stands perfectly without being propped up against a wall!
This is big too!  It says "life size"...but it still fits in the house.  Haha!
 Looks great in the yard too!
I've got an upcoming party I am going to use this for...
but wanted to showcase it right away!
Perfect for photo booth props--and right now, it's living in my bedroom.

 While nothing is better than that...
I was doing some school with my preschooler and this thought occurred to me.
Good, Better and Best...
with Doctor Who!
Feel free to right click and save off the images.
You can make flash cards for your preschoolers too!
With phone boxes and the TARDIS, screwdrivers and drills...

 and Bolo, Neck and Bow ties.
wisks and Daleks...perfection!
Do you have any other ideas?
Leave them in the comments and I'll make them up for you!

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Amanda said…
What?!?!?! Doctor Who at Oriental Trading?! Cool! I will have to go check it out. I love the good, better, best options too. :)
Xayide2 said…
Oh, sure we get your Dad the dalek and you had to get the Tardis. :)