Gold or Silver Leaf Ornate Frames!

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6:00 AM
Update frames with Rub 'n Buff!
I had this super shiny frame with a chalky mint patina...

Some people love that look.
I did not.
I coated the entire thing with ebony...
And let it dry...buffed it...
Then took the gold leaf Rub 'n Buff and rubbed it all over the high surfaces.
Rubbed or buffed it until it was shiny.
I like the dark black showing through.

Much more my style.

The next was this fabulous resin frame.
Pretty matte gray.

I just used a little silver leaf and rubbed over the high places for a little shine.

Then buffed it with a soft cloth.
Adds some depth!
 I did these frames last month
They were adorable...but knicked and cut.
paint chipped.

I just rubbed a bit of the white Rub 'n Buff onto the spots
and it made them look absolutely new!
Great way to fix up little blemishes on frames!
Imagine the possibilities!
sent me 5 tubes of Rub 'n Buff.  I loved it so much I went and bought 3 more!
And I am giving this Gold Leaf tube away to one lucky reader!

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Xayide2 said…
I like the frames better than the gun :)
create4good said…
I think the silver makes that frame look beautiful!