Metal Ribbon Cork Board Frame!

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6:00 AM
 I found METAL Ribbon at Hobby Lobby!
It's cute and fun...and it will rust if you let it.
I have a bunch of ideas for it, but I started with a cork memo board!
I used an old wood frame.
It was perfect because it was flat and boring.

I painted on a few coats of teal!

Now time for the metal ribbon.
I just wanted a strip of it all around the frame.
I initially thought I would tack them in place with thumbtacks...but that didn't work.
So I used my staple gun.  Easy...and actually matches better!

I tacked it down on one corner

Then used wire cutters to snip the other end where it lined up.

Then stapled it in place a few times.
The staples blend in so well that they aren't noticeable.

I did overlapping corners like this, rather than doing a 45* angle.

Easy and symmetrical!
 The frame would look darling just like that...or with a picture and glass inside...
but I decided to use cork board...

 Then spray glued and wrapped with cute polka dot fabric!
Then sprayed the back of the cork board and stuck it
 directly to a thick square of cardboard.
Then insert right into the frame.
 Then I used my picture frame tool and glazier points.
Not everyone is as fortunate as I to have a picture frame setting tool...
but glazier points are made to set with just a flat head screwdriver too!

 The glazier point is designed to pierce into the frame,
with 2 small arms that hold it against the frame, and hold the backing in place.

 My tool adjusts to fit the frame and out to the glazier point.
(If using a screwdriver, you'll push the point into the frame, braced on those 2 little arms.)
 I just squeeze my tool and it squished that point into the frame.
(If you do a lot of framing, I recommend getting the tool)
Then it's set and holding that back board in place!
Easy...this can also be used to set glass in place too.
I did them all around the back for total pin pushing support!
 Now it's ready to be stuck!
Perfect for memorabilia, photos, notes, upcoming events, cards, etc! 

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