Washable Pretendwear Capes!

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Washable Pretendwear Capes!
 Pretendwear Color 'n Wash sent us capes in exchange for this review!
A flame cape and a mini for my son...and a Butterfly and a mini for my daughter.
As well as washable markers and paint daubers for both!
They carry a wide variety of capes and capes for little toys...
as well as jumpsuits and dresses!
Recommended for kids age 3 to 8
But the capes could fit an adult!
 Meet my son and his little raggedy puppy.
This guy does not usually enjoy arts and crafts time.
(I know, how dare a son of mine!)
But he was thrilled with this project!
 He loved having his own paints!  I love that they are ultra washable...
I didn't even cover the table before he started painting!
 My daughter used the markers.
She is older, 10, but loves a project.
This was super fun for both of them.
Perfect indoor activity!

 He moved to the floor for the cape.
He had all the control of the painting and I didn't micromanage him.
Even his sad puppy looks happy!
Now to take it for a spin!
The cape velcro's around the neck...not tight though.

 Overall the kids had way more fun coloring them than wearing them...
so I love that I can just wash them off with luke warm water
and let them dry for another crafty day!
They can also be put through the washing machine...just hang to dry.

They have full instructions on making an Elsa Dress too!
Perfect for pretend play!

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