Butterfly Specimen

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6:00 AM
We are not a pet family.  We are an allergic-to-everything family.

My daughter found an injured butterfly.
 It's wing was damaged and was unable to fly.
It fluttered a bit, but that was it.
 My girl loved that it would sit on her finger.
I told her she could keep it...whose allergic to a butterfly, right?
I knew it would just die soon anyway, because it couldn't fly...
 We fed the Buckeye butterfly, named Luna, a mixture of sugar water and a drop of soy sauce.
Mostly, she lived in a 1/2 gallon mason jar with a net lid...and lots of leaves.
 And she got some outside time every day.
Much to my surprise, she lived for 3 entire weeks!
Now, because trashing her seemed like a shame...we carefully clipped her wings off...

 And put them carefully in a lamination sleeve...business card size.
 Added a label and laminated it!
 Perfectly preserved butterfly!
 Awesome!  Fun specimen art!
I think that was a good first pet.

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