Minecraft Crafts and Decorations!

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Minecraft Week!
Party Crafts and Decorations!
 We did a bunch of Minecraft crafts for the birthday party we had...
come back tomorrow for more!
I had a jewel shaped mold...not safe for the dishwasher or oven...
and therefore only good for ice cubes or non foods.
I chose non foods!
 I mixed up some plaster of paris

 Poured it in the mold and let it harden.

 Popped them out and let them cool and harden completely on a cookie rack.
 And made 6 dozen.
 Once dried, I spray painted them and misted
them with some metallic gold for shine.

 Each of the kids at the birthday party got to pick one jewel to take home...
they loved them!

 The next thing we did was make a Minecraft magnetic fishing game!
I got a visual of the fishes on the game...
 And then just cut fish out of Astrobrights paper!
Easy peasy.  I laminated them and taped a paperclip on them somewhere.
Then we used a fishing pole with a magnet on the end to catch the fish...
using a blanket as the pond.
Super fun!

 For water at the party, I took this bottle image
 and printed it on address labels.
 Then just wrapped them to water bottles from the store.

 We made buttons too!
I have a Badge-a-minit Button Maker.
A 2 1/4" starter kit will run you about $30.
Um, but they are loads of fun!
Then you can just print this off...cut it out and bam...make buttons!

 The kids at our party colored the backgrounds too!

 The last craft we did for the party was Decorations!
We used lots of Astrobrights paper...what could be simpler than minecraft pixeled shapes?

 My daughter was in charge of decor.
She made Enderman heads...
 Grass/Dirt Blocks...
 Creeper Faces!

The Ghast Lanterns were perfect!
We got 3 square lanterns from Oriental Trading Company.
They just needed paper tentacles, eye, and mouth...

 We strung up our perler beads as a garland too.

And last were the invitations.
We needed a bunch of them and these were so simple to make.
A 4 inch brown square with a 2 inch pixeled grass line.
With all the party details just taped on the back!  So Easy!

Finally, on the day of the party, my oldest son put up a Nether portal on the front door!
We decorated with lots of green, purple and black balloons! 
 Super fun...come see how the party turned out tomorrow!

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Anonymous said…
Hiya! I love these ideas....where did you get that mold? I would love to try making some of those crystals as xmas gifts!