Doctor Who Tardis and Weeping Angel Boutique Bow!

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Doctor Who Tardis and Weeping Angel Boutique Bow!
 Perfect Geekery Flair!  Geek Chic!

 Make a beautiful Boutique bow with something blue!
 Hot glue is amazing!
To make the TARDIS bow center,
I used my Doctor Who mold that I used here for Chocolates.

Fill up the mold with hot glue...
(Don't have a mold???  Make your own tutorial here!)

 Let it cool

 Pull it out!
Perfectly formed!
Spray paint, then add details with acrylic paint!
(*spoilers* many more fun bows to come!)
Ready to top some fancy boutique bows!
 Hot glued right on the top of the bow!
 Now...How to make that cute bow???
Let's start simple.  Like this Weeping Angel Bow.
 Zig zag some ribbon like an there are 4 loops...2 on each side.
 Pinch and gather the ribbon in the center.

Pinch and hold in place.
Use some thread and wrap the center about 20 times around.
Then tie it off tight and cut the thread.
 Now it looks kind of smooshed.
Take some time to mold it into a pretty shape!
 Like this!
 Cut the tails with a v-notch.
This will help prevent fraying...(Gallifreying)
Use a lighter to melt the ends to prevent frays.
 Now, layer and stack.
Hot glue layers together.
Top with a hot glue figure and glue a clip on the backside!
 Super cute!  Don't Blink!
 Make them extra special with tulle, pearl strands,
rhinestones or whatever you can think of!
Go Gryffindor!

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