Duck Tape® Cupid Wings for Valentine's Day!

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 Duck Brand® Cupid/Angel Wings!
 Super simple to make and would be ultra adorable in baby size!
Imagine a super sweet Valentine photo shoot with a
 little naked bum and tiny wings on baby's back!
Maybe a little Duck Brand® Arrow too!
Since I don't have a baby...and it would be way too disturbing for any of my
kids to be running around bare, wings and all...
we went with a costume/cosplay approach!
We love costumes--for ANY holiday!
 You will need some Duck Brand® Duck Tape!
And they have loads of fabulous colors and patterns for Valentine’s Day craft!
Any of these colors would be awesome...
 I went with WHITE.
I know my daughter can use these wings for Angel costumes 
around Christmas...or for Halloween...maybe some kind of winged warrior!
Super Versatile!
Okay, here goes!
Roll out about 12 inches of tape
 Fold it over on itself carefully
Then cut and repeat.
I used about 1 1/2 rolls of tape.
These wings fit an adult if you are doing
 baby size, you will use 1 roll or less.
 Cut the tips like feathers.
Next you will need:
White craft foam
more Duck Brand® Duck Tape
1/4" Elastic
eyelet setter/eyelets
hot glue/gun
craft sticks
 Cut 2 big wings out of foam.
I used large 12 by 20" pieces...they are like big commas. 
(start with making a paper pattern to check size)
 2 smaller pieces of foam to fit across the back.
 Take the 2 pieces of foam, the eyelets and elastic...
and craft sticks.
 The sticks are for the wings stay up and sturdy.
 Hot glue a row down the center of the foam...
 And a stick on either side.
 Glue the top on and punch holes about an inch in from each corner.
 Set the eyelets.
 Tie on loops of elastic...
 Check and make sure it fits!
 Now use some hot glue along the edge of the back board
and glue on the wings.
 Glue down both sides.
  Now add a dot of glue to each Duck Tape feather and start gluing 
them on from the bottom and work your way to the top!
 Overlap them slightly so that they cover the ones under barely.
 Get creative at the top and have some points 
of the feathers point up at the top.
 Do both wings then flip over.
Hot glue in some sticks to build a skeleton for 
the wings...otherwise they will flop!
 Cover the sticks with tape.
Then add feathers on the front.
No need to add them over where the skeleton spines were covered.
They wont show much when worn.
Here's the front!
And the back!
Fit them on your little angel!
 Perfect for Valentine's day!
We love them!!!
There are so many other projects!
Check them out on Twitter or Pinterest #DuckValentine!

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