Belle Cosplay!

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 I love Belle!
My favorite part of the movie when I was young was this part.
Where she starts to fall in love with the beast...
not because of the love stuff...because of this cool fur capelet she wore!
 And now I have a daughter of my own...that loves dressing up!
 Last month we made her a
 Once Upon a Time Belle's Traveling Cape
asked if I would like to review a answer of course was yes!
They have 100's of costumes...but these are NOT Halloween costumes.
These are HIGH quality, lined, velvet, amazing cosplay pieces!
They have all areas of Anime, movies, TV shows, super heroes and more!
 After searching for hours on their website, we finally decided on Belle.
And picked the pink dress with the cape rather than the yellow dress.
I gave them my daughter's exact measurements.
And added a few on for length to grow into.
  They custom built this dress and robe just for her!
It fits beautifully!
They sent it to me free of charge in exchange for this post.
 She wore this cute pink dress and bow to church too!
It's all lined with a side zipper.  Very well made.
The cosplay pieces are pricier than I would normally pay, ($170)
but they are much better quality than even I make.
Perfect if you are into cosplay or really phenomenal costumes!
The cape is gorgeous, velvet, fur trimmed and lined.
And, it fits me too!  Yay!
 This is a happy little lady!

Thanks to Sky Costume for this opportunity!
If you are planning on going to a convention this year...
check out all these costume options!
And there's a discount code for 15% off.  BS15E

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Unknown said…
The red cosplay costumes are so beautiful,many years ago,my friend have tried to cosplay it too.But she failed.