Glow in the Dark Light Switch Trick!

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6:00 AM

My husband did this trick on the light switches throughout the house!
It's super nice.
I didn't think it was a big deal at first...
now I can't imagine a house without it!

First you need some luminescent tape...or glow in the dark tape.
Then tape a little strip on all the light switch plates.

When you turn off the light at night, they glow for a while.
I can turn off the lights in the living room and there is just 
enough glow on the hall light that I can see where I am going.  
Way less hassle than night lights and only a one time cost.
Then my hubby got extra creative and taped a strip on our ceiling fan blades.
They are taped perfectly, so when the fan spins, it's like a circle of
 faint light hypnotizing me to sleep.  Ha ha ha, so fun!
(please ignore the dust!)

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