Chinese Lantern Lights!

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6:00 AM

 Make a little string of Chinese lantern lights for
 Chinese New Year this weekend (31st)

 You will need a string of Christmas lights...white or colored.
Red paper, tape, scissors, and a paper cutter is nice but not necessary.
 I cut paper in 2 1/2 by 3 1/4"
Fold paper in half...skinny way.

 Cut strips on the folded edge to about 1/4"
away from the other edge.

 Next, open it up...

 Add some tape or hot glue along one edge...

 Wrap it in a circle and tape it down.
Press together to make the lantern strips bow outwards.

 Make one for every light bulb...or skip some lights...whatever.

 I used a piece of duct tape and taped the light...

 Right inside the lantern.
 And repeated...16 times for me.

 Then turn the lights on and presto!
 Hang them up and celebrate...
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Or this Dragon cake and party for the Year of the Dragon
I love how tiny they are!

 Perfect for the mantle!

You could get some hanging lanterns like this too!
I just hung them with twine and pinned them right in the ceiling!
These ones are from Oriental Trading Company.  They are big!
No lights inside, but a great addition to our kitchen bar!

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