Star Wars Boba Fett Helmet Shirt!

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 My son loves bounty hunters.
He's not on the dark side...but he's no jedi either.
He loves Jango Fett the most...but likes Boba too!

 So when I found this heather green t-shirt at the dollar store,
I knew what it would become.
First I found a silhouette of Boba Fett's helmet.
Right click to save can make one too!
Personal use only, please.

And had my Silhouette Machine cut it out on Freezer paper.
Freezer paper is awesome.
It costs about $6 for a huge roll.
You get it at the store with the plastic wrap, wax paper and such...
just look for FREEZER paper.
One side of the paper is shiny, the other matte.
The shiny side irons on and seals itself on fabric...
making the PERFECT stencil.

Slip the shirt around a flat rate box from the post office.
I think they intended those boxes to be the perfect t-shirt form.
I love them.  Some paint bleeds through onto the box...
but I still ship with them too!
Once it's all ironed in place...
It's ready to paint!
I use acrylic paint mixed with fabric medium...
it keeps the paint from getting too stiff.
 I use stencil or stipple brushes...but a regular paint brush would work too.
I used a rust brown for the visor.  This was delicate work
 because of that thin line separating the green dome...careful.
 Then I added greens and grays.
mixed, blended and piled on.
 When the painting is finished and still tacky,
remove the freezer paper.  It peels right off with no residue!
And even though it was too bright for my son to look
 at me with his eyes open, he loves his new shirt!
T-shirts make a great inexpensive guy gift!

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S said…
I will be making this for myself. HAHA! Thank you so much!