The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug and a LOTR T-Shirt!

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Today The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug is Released!

We love the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings books.
The movies are fun and glorious and we try not to judge them
too harshly against the books because there are just so many limitations
when taking an epic tale and making it into a movie.
So.  We love them all.
I am sure we'll catch this flick in the theater soon!
But to get us ready for the fun...
  A little tribute to LOTR!

First I typed up a tribute to my favorite line...said by Pippin!
"We've had one breakfast, yes...but what about second breakfast?"
Love it!
Okay, so put the text into silhouette studio.
Then reverse it.
Iron on vinyl needs to be mirrored when cut.

 Place the vinyl with the shiny plastic side facing down.
Then remove from machine and weed out the negative space.

 Be sure to get inside all the loopy letters too...

 Then place it where you want it on your t-shirt.
I bought a 4 pack of hanes for about $12.
Makes them $3 each the vinyl. 
I absolutely LOVE the Silhouette shops FLOCKED heat transfer vinyl.
They don't pay me or give me samples of the really is my favorite!
Vinyl is about $15 for 3 feet.  I used about 1 foot on this shirt.
So a gift kept under $10.
 Once there in place, iron them.
I cover with a tea towel to start...then I remove it and iron right on the plastic.
Just move it around so the plastic doesn't melt and shrink.
Peel back the plastic slowly and make sure it has adhered to the shirt.
If not keep ironing...about 2-5 minutes.
Then remove the plastic.
I like to put the tea towel (disregard the stains)
back on top and iron one last time.

 Then it is ready for the runway!
We absolutely LOVE this shirt!
And here's the place setting I designed...because I know you want one too!
Right click to save off.
For personal use only, please!
And of course, you can always make yourself an Elf Ear Headband,
and go all Elvish!

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OMG I love this shirt! That is so cool :)