Oh Holy Night Christmas Nativity Sign!

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 Oh Holy Night Christmas Nativity Sign!
Vinyl Nativity wall hanging!
 Making holiday decor just puts me in the Christmas spirit!
Only problem...hello texture!
I'll admit, I don't usually approach such a textured piece of wood
 for a vinyl project...but this wood was free...and in my garage.
And I was sent this FrogTape Textured Surface to try out!
 I'll be honest.  I was 130% skeptical about this.
 It's 2 parts.  Tape and some kind of magic liquid that you paint on...
 First, you tape off your area.
This could be a wall or anything with texture...or holiday decor!
I did a border so it would be like a framed piece.
 Once it's taped, use a damp cloth and rub it over all the taped edges.
 Then the brush cap goes on the magic liquid and you
 paint it right over the line of tape and wood.
Seriously, I was super skeptical that this would work!
 All around the border...
 Then let it sit for about 15 minutes...
 Then I whipped out the red paint and rolled it on...no time at all!
Then as the instructions said, I waited until the paint was dry
 to the touch...and peeled off my first corner!
I spoke out loud!  Oh my heck!
Look at that line! 
Seriously miraculous!
I am 130% a believer!
Never have I achieved a line that crisp!
 Amazing.  I was really just speechless that it worked so well!
I want to paint stripes on a textured wall now!
 I brought my 4 foot board inside and stained the edges with some walnut.  
Love the wood border...it's framesque.
 I had my silhouette machine cut some white vinyl for me...
yep...4 feet of it...with an image file from the silhouette shop.
I cut the pieces in sections to save on transfer tape.
And applied them piece by piece starting right in the center!
 And then working my way out to both ends.
Didn't take too long...because Elf was on in the background
 and I finished it before the movie ended!
 I love it!
I have soooo many more plans for FrogTape®!
If you haven't tried it...give it a try--you will love it!

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Lisa & Joel said…
Do you happen to know if the exact Nativity scene you bought at the Silhouette shop is still available? I'd love to buy this!
Unknown said…
It is, I found it here https://www.silhouettedesignstore.com/view-shape/52103