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Jeweled Vintage Buttons Christmas Tree Decor!

 Jeweled Vintage Buttons Christmas Tree Decor!
I love buttons.  When I was little, one of my favorite things was going through my mom's button jar.  Buttons are so cool!  I found little jeweled ones, big and small, I wanted them all.  Since then, I've collected my own jar of buttons...I buy them at yard sales and get tons of vintage buttons just like my moms.  I decided to make it a piece of art!
 You will need:
(If you don't have vintage ones, even the dollar store sells buttons that you can paint the colors you need)
Green and kraft paper cardstock
Vintage style frame with burlap inside the glass
Hot Glue/gun
 Get started by cutting a big isosceles triangle out of the green cardstock and a trunk out of the kraft paper.  Hot glue them right onto the glass.
 Next, the fun part.  Gather all the green and brown buttons you can find...or paint them to the color you want.  Then place green buttons over the green cardstock and brown over the brown.  Finally, add little ornaments of brightly colored buttons, vintage brass buttons and jeweled buttons.  Ultimately Christmas decor perfection.  The ornate frame seals the deal!
 This would be an especially wonderful craft to enlist the help of little helpers.  They are great for helping find all the colored buttons they need.  Plus, they will have the same wonderful memories of looking through button jars and coveting them all.
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Mary Leigh said...

I love this! I especially love how versatile it is - where you also did the pumpkin and the snowman!

Danielle Siero said...

Oh my goodness!!! This is too cute, and I love that kids can do it! I may have to go buy some more buttons!

Tiffany said...

OK this is so adorable! We have a ton of old buttons collected, this is the perfect project!

Justine Y @ Little Dove said...

Oh my gosh, this is so cute! My mom used to have jars of old buttons, they were the most unique things! I wonder if she still has those...

Bethany Lammott said...

These are beautiful and look like such a fun holiday craft to do with the family!

Ashley Newell said...

My husband's grandma has a tree just like this and I've always loved it! I need to make one too!

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