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Mini Top Hat Headband Part 2!

 Another Mini Top Hat headband!

 I received some fabulous supplies from Oriental Trading Company!
All of their Halloween stuff is on SALE!  Perfect time to stock up!

I got this adorable top hat clip ($3.49) and
 metal headbands (6 in a package for $4.25)

 It clips right onto hair...
but...I'm not crazy about the clips...they are pretty cheap
 quality compared to the fabulous hat...

 So, I removed them.

 I got a package of the metal headbands.  They are wonderful.
There are so many things you can do with them!
(like this entire week of headbands was based on them) 

 I used hot glue and glued the hat to a headband.
Remarkably, it's on super tight...but you could tack it in place
with a needle and thread if you are worried.

 Another perfect Mini Top Hat Headband!
Here's the other one I made.

 I love the lacy hat with the purple peeking through!
So pretty!

I was given free products from Oriental Trading Company in
exchange for my 100% honest opinion.
No other compensation was received for this review!


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