Jango Fett Halloween Costume Alterations!

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7:00 PM
Interrupting Headband week because...
My son's dream came true!
He is officially Jango Fett!
 I received a Jango Fett Costume from Oriental Trading Company.
All their Halloween stuff is on sale RIGHT NOW--including this costume!
Free shipping with orders over $49 and...
Order as late as Oct 23 and still get the ground shipping before Halloween!
Or have it over-nighted if you put it off until the 29th!
Okay, they only had a size large or medium...and my son is small.
What to do when the perfect costume doesn't fit right?

Well, I like costumes to last longer anyway,
so I probably would always buy a size up.
Here's how I worked with it...
 I saw how much space there was between the waist line...
 Flipped it inside out...

 And sewed it 2 inches in at the waist.

 See the difference?
Not super noticeable...and the belt covers it anyway.


 We added extra velcro to the belt.
This thin vinyl/plastic belt sews up just fine!

 I didn't cut anything up because I want to be able to let out the seams
and have everything fit him as he grows...since I know this
is going to be his favorite for years to come!
We use Halloween costumes as dress ups all year long--do you?

 Our Jango Fett Jet packs from the summertime
matched perfectly!
And it hides the plainess of the brown back.
Store bought costumes usually neglect the back...that's a big deal to me.

 Now for the helmet.
It's big and light weight plastic...and slips off!
Here's how we remedied that!
I have my son wear a beanie...

 Then we get some adhesive velcro...
 And put a piece of just the pokier side onto the inside of the helmet.
 Now he can put the helmet on and the velcro will stick to his beanie...
making it stay in place and feel much more comfy!
Plus, he'll be warm on Halloween night!
All in all, a pretty awesome costume for someone that
doesn't usually just buy a packaged costume!
My son loves it.  He doesn't want to take it off!
He likes it so much...I'm tempted to pick up a few other
 costumes and give them to him for Christmas!  He's a great pretender all year long!

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