Interchangeable Lego Minifig Hairclip!

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6:00 AM
Make an awesome and truly nerdy
Interchangeable Lego Minifig Hairclip!
 Yes, with Slave 1 in your hair, you will truly be the envy of your friends.
Here's what ya do:
Get a barrette.  Get a Lego piece...a flat 2 by 1 plate.
Use E6000 glue to glue the Lego right to the barrette.
(measure the distance with a minifig, so you know where to place it)
 Then you can take any minifig or starship and click it into those 2 bumps...
is there Lego lingo for those things?
Okay, I brushed up on my Lego terminology and discovered...they are studs!
okay awesome.
Anything that can fit into a 2 stud slot is good to go for your barrette!

 Then you can change it out depending on your mood!
 Maybe Harry Potter...
 Or our custom made Doctor Who...
 Or Spiderman...does he actually have a cape?
Endless possibilities for severe awesomeness!  :)

And it will go great with some Lego Earrings!

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Unknown said…
These are so fun! and easy! Nerd/child in me wants one immediately! :) thanks for a tip!
Nabilah Othman said…
these actually remind me of kpk group 2NE1 stylist. when he uses lego and changes everything and make accessoris like rings, belts, chains n stuff. cute!