Origami Money folding: Shirt and Tie!

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6:00 AM
 Folding money is super fun!
And, it's fun for tween/teen aged kids!
Here's a super one...the shirt and tie!

 Easiest to use a crisp dollar...but for practicing,
I'd cut some paper into the same size measurements:
 2.61 inches by 6.14 inches

Here we go.
 Fold your sheet in half the long skinny way.
 Fold one end like the start of a paper airplane...
making a point.
 Fold it over on itself
 Fold under that point to make a little tie...
this part is the trickiest...It's just an accordion fold, so don't panic.

 Just lift up the flap, fold in and back...
re-smoothing the top crease.
 Then fold the sides into the center fold, tucking them under your tie.
 both sides
 Now, fold up the bottom edge about 1/4"
 Turn the bill over, and fold the flaps over like this...
to make your collar.
   Fold it up back onto the side with the tie...
about a quarter inch away from the base of the tie.
 Unfold that last fold and pull out the folded in edge of the dollar...
 Just to create the sleeves of the shirt.  You just need a little pinch.
 Pinch out right where you folded...
and fold the collar part of the shirt back up by the tie...like this:
 Now...the sleeves are upside down.
Stay with me, almost done!
Fold the money in half, so the sleeves show up by the tie the right direction...
Now your collar is upside down...
 Fold the collar up so it shows up at the top by the tie...
the backside will look like this:
 And the collar flaps tuck over the top holding it all in place without glue!
 Okay, try it a few times and you will have the knack!
 Here's a step by step you can reference as well...
and I think it over complicates the tie,
but you at least see the process in picture form...

 Perfect for money gifts or leaving tips!

 And here's a super simple Hawaiian style shirt...minus the tie.
Great for younger kids or starters...

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Unknown said…
Ohh, I always miss out the tie part! Thanks a lot for the tutorial and the pictures!!
Unknown said…
seems complicated but ill try, thanks!