Easy Origami 8 Page Book!

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6:00 AM
Here's how to make an easy 8 page book with 1 sheet of paper!
And makes a great take on a typical card!
 Super easy.
Take a rectangle sheet of paper...ours is 14 by 11

 Fold in half the wide way...

 And in half again...

 Then open it up...

 Now fold it the skinny way...

 Open it back up and fold it back in half the wide way...

Starting on the FOLDED edge down the center fold line to the
crease of the other fold...

 Just like this:

 Just has a slit cut in the center of it!
 Fold it the skinny way, and see the opening...
 Squish it into itself so it makes an x

 Like this:

 And then fold it over on itself like a book!

 Then it's ready for decorating!

 This is great for kids to write stories, make cards, do a journal, mini report,
coupon book, sticker fun, summer break activity, or teaching a lesson...

 It's so fun to have so many pages to work with!

 And you can use a photo editor to lay out words, frames etc
and print them out before folding them...it only covers 1 side of the paper!

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