Origami Present Box!

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6:00 AM
On one particularly poor Christmas...not that Christmas wasn't fabulous...
but that funds were low...
I decided to make gift boxes to decorate the Christmas tree with.
I made 25 of the same size box...wrapped them in 
leftover giftwrapping that I had saved for years...
and tied them with a bow!  Perfect decor for our blue and silver theme.
 I learned how to fold this box in 3rd grade...Mrs. Holman's class.
I love that she taught me how to make this! 
Here's the origami how to:
square paper...
 Folded in half and half...square way...

 and then triangle way...
 Then the corners fold into the center...

 And then the edges fold into the center line as well...all 4 sides.

 Open it back up and you should have loads of little squares in there!

You can fold it...or cut at this point.
I always cut.
Right along these 4 penned in lines.
 Like so.

 Then fold over the corners of the non-cut sides.

 overlap the flaps of the cut pieces...
 And fold over the loose flap
 Tuck it in the center tight and do the same on the other side!
 Ta Da!
Now you can do the same process with a paper just 1/4"
smaller on both sides...and it will fit tight inside this lid like a tight gift box!
Here's the step by step without the cutting...just folding in the corners of the flap.
And that is how I decorated the tree with stuff I had on hand!
These make a darling gift box for jewelry or small gifts!

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