My Little Pony Pinkie Pie Gala Cosplay Dress!

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My Little Pony Friendship is Magic!
This is a cute Pinkie Pie Gala Dress Cosplay costume!

My daughter wanted to be Pinkie Pie in her Gala dress for Halloween.
Instead of making her look like a pony, we opted for a cosplay type costume.
Just her, dressed up like the human form!
She was absolutely THRILLED and loved the pink hair!
Here is Pinkie Pie (Pinkamena Diane Pie) all dressed up for the
 big Gala at Princess Celestia's castle in Equestria!

We needed an apron with candy corns and lollipops...
I used freezer paper and cut out shapes, so I could paint without making a big mess.
I ironed on the freezer paper, painted with cheap paints and then removed the paper.

Let dry and did the lollipops the same way...

I made the apron just flat and put a big bright pink sash on it that ties in the back.
It was from an old pink shirt we found at a yard sale.
I used the same white silky material (I had a whole bolt of it) and made a simple a t-shirt with a slit up the middle.
and painted blue stripes on it...

We used a ramekin for the round hat, just drilled holes and ran some elastic through it.
Painted the stripes blue on the ramekin as well...

Had a fur collar, made a pink bow and added a pink tutu and pretso!
A darling little 8 year old pony costume!

We curled her hair and then sprayed one entire can of pink spray on it.
I had her get entirely dressed in the costume.
Then we put a towel around her neck, so the spray wouldn't get on the clothes.
  We went outside on the back patio and sprayed it outside.
Then added on the headband and she was good to go!
Added some pink makeup!
and the bows for the wrists and ankles were just stretchy elastic.

She looked cute and loved it.
She could have passed for a Lalaloopsy too!

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