MLP Applejack and Daring Do Hat day!

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6:00 AM

We did 2 super fun Hat makeovers that are totally
MY LITTLE PONY inspired!

 First off, Applejack.
 We got this plain foam cowboy hat at the dollar store.
My daughter had been planning this pony craft for a while...
she approached me with the plan, and asked that
next time we were at the dollar store if we could get a foam hat.
I can't argue when my children brainstorm craft projects!
Okay, so ugly hat.

 She drew the shape she wanted and I cut it out.
I made it a titch more symmetrical.
 Then for looks, we cut out some red felt
apples like Applejack's cutie mark!

 Hot glued them on...

 For a darling little dress up Pony style hat!

Next we did a Daring Do hat!
 She was even more thrilled about this one!

 Old, ugly hat from a yard sale.
We washed it up a couple times to be safe.
 Sort of an Indiana Jones fedora inspired Old Lady sun hat.

 We got some olive green t-shirt material...and sort of tied it into a bow!

 Hot glued it in place!
Added some black ribbon stripe across the front (just like the picture)
and 3 dots...which I am sure are rivet air vents...but we just drew dots with sharpie!

 2 fabulous Pony Cosplay hats!
Both for outdoor adventurous Ponies!

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Unknown said…
Love this Craft! Must do!
Unknown said…
Love this Craft! Must do!