My Little Pony BUDGET PARTY and Chocolates!

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6:00 AM
 Here's how we did a My Little Pony Party on a budget.
It's a "Rock what you got" approach!
I spent less than $15 and ended up with most of the treats left over!
(curse you $9 bag of peanut butter cups and kit kats!)
 All the decorations were things we already had.
You could make tissue paper or tulle pom-poms or
blow up balloons...even these giant paper flowers!
Luckily, we had saved all of that stuff from our Princess Party
 last we used them again!
When doing a themed party,
look at what you already have that you can use for decorations.
If I had the pony bed spread, I would have pinned that to the wall!  :)

 I just went with a box cake mix...made 2 dozen cupcakes.
We already had cupcake liners and candles...goodie boxes too!
(here's where hoarding pays off)
 We made (only 2) darling custom Pony Chocolates!
We made some custom My Little Pony blind bags 
Silicone Molds a few months back.
And decided to test them out with chocolate!
We melted a bunch of milk chocolate and filled our little squeeze bottle.
My daughter filled the clean molds...

I patted them down to make sure there wasn't air bubbles...

And she did the 4 we have.
like so.

After chilling in the fridge for a while,
I was able to get the chocolate out of the silicone mold.
But the chocolate melts fast when it's touched.
Next time I'd use a semi sweet or dark chocolate.

Big MacIntosh and fluttershy didn't survive the process
but they were tasty!
Pinkie pie and twilight were a success!
Perfect for center stage on the cupcakes!

We decorated with some hand drawn artwork!

And a darling My Little Pony Chalkboard by my daughter
with a Spongebob looking sun...thanks to the 10 year old son.

We decorated every shelf we had with ponies!
We played a game that the girls had to guess how many
pony figures there were in the room.
Any guesses?

We used the buttons we made and some scrapbook
triangles to make a banner for the mantle.

And a couple treats from the dollar store and 3 best friends...
and we had ourselves a great party!
Oh yeah...there were 140 PONIES!!!

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Unknown said…
This is the best thing I ever saw. How old was your daughter? I'm thinking of having a MLP party for my 18th birthday. I love that banner idea! So creative and so many ponies!!!! :) Love it. <3