Duck Tape®: STUCK AT PROM a Boutineer and Corsage Tutorial!

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Stroll with me down memory lane...
My first formal dance was when I was a junior in high school.
Homecoming.   I didn't know I was supposed to get a boutineer for my date until
my friend asked if I ordered one...a day before the dance.
I hurried to order one from the local store...and it ended up costing me nearly $20!
For me, that was OUTRAGEOUS!!!
I mean, he's going to throw it away THAT same night!
  The next formal dance I was asked to was Prom.
I knew I wasn't going to pay out for a boutineer again...
so I decided to make one!
My mom was a craft hoarder like me, so I just used stuff she already had
and came up with this funky little thing...that looked like onions and mixed fruit!
 Hilarious, right?
 And the next year at homecoming, I did the same approach of 
making it!  This one had little pink butterflies and flowers...
perhaps a bit girly, but whatever!
I'd like to think I'm not THAT old...but cool, patterned duct tape wasn't a
 thing when I was in high school.
Lucky for you...Duck Tape® Brand duct tape
has the most amazing patterns!  This is a far better boutineer/corsage option!

You can go for something bold and flashy!
Or...get tape to match what you are wearing!
Doesn't take long at all!  About 30-60 minutes!

Best part is that Duck Tape® Stuck at Prom® has a huge scholarship to
prom goers that use their tape!
Cash prizes for you and your school! 
Entries are being accepted now until June 10th!
It's fun to see entire outfits made of Duck Tape®!

Let's start simple:
Make some flowers.

The Fringe Poof:
Start by doubling over a long strip of fabulous tape:
 Use non-stick scissors for way less sticky stress while cutting.
 Cut little fringes...careful not to cut the entire thing...but if you do,
no biggy, it's tape.
 Cut a circle of matching tape and begin circling your fringed strip all around it...
kind of gathering as you go.
 It'll make a poofy pom pom type flower!
 Add a tuft in the center of a different color
 Fold it in half and half again
 Wrap some tape around the backside
 Then you can fluff up your fringes into a nice poof.
The Petal Flower:
Start by simply doubling up a small piece and rolling it into a tube.
Then cut about 30 squares of duct tape.
I used a cutting mat and a hobby knife for this.
Take each square and fold over the top corner...
 Fold over the other one, leaving sticky at the bottom...
Do a bunch at a time...
 Take the tube from the beginning and begin wrapping the triangles around it.
The sticky part holds on tight!
 Over and over and over...keep piling on those petals until it
 looks balanced and as big as you like it!
 Mine is about the same size as the fringe poof!
and I did some green tape fringe and taped it around
the flowers just for color...
 Now I squish the flowers together and tape them from behind.
You can trim the backs if you need to...mine is pretty thick, 
but didn't seem to be a problem.
 All taped.
 I felt like it needed just a little bit more!
So I used this rainbow Duck Tape® and made 6 petals...
 Just taped them on a tape circle and folded it up and 
stuck it to the side of the other 2 flowers.
 It's like the tape ferns and baby's breath filler!
 Then I stuck some tape on a pin back...
 And taped it to the back of the flowers up high...
so the weight of the boutineer would naturally hang in place.
I also just taped on a piece of elastic and it works
 great for a wrist corsage!
Either way you wear it, it's comfortable and you can't tell the other is there!
Ooh, the perfect PROM date!  I love him!
Now you will be a hit at the dances! 
And no one will think it's just because you are cheap like me!  :)
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