17 My Little Pony Activities! Geek Week Finale!

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6:00 AM
Thanks for joining me for my 
My Little Pony Geek Week!

Hope you enjoyed some of the projects that are Ponylicious!  :)
 Here's 17 GREAT Pony activities!

DIY Custom Ponies!

MLP Budget Party!

MLP Inspired Hats!
 Daring Do

My Little Pony Magnets and Badges!

Pinkie Pie Gala Dress Cosplay

My Little Pony Christmas Tree!
Perfect activity for children during summer break!

Blind Bag Pony Charm Necklaces

Wonderbolts T-shirt!
Get the boys involved too!  Brony t-shirts!

Apple Bloom Bow Headband
Great for clay, chocolate, plaster, resin, ice, fondant!  :)

Pinkie Pie Shirt and free silhouette stencil

Perler Bead Pony Art 1
8-bit style ponies!  Make wall art and not coasters!  :)

Blind Bag Pony Display

Apple Bloom Shirt
Just using Freezer Paper and paint!

My Little Pony Party...and Pin the Cutie Mark on the Pony!
Each child picks their favorite cutie mark and
 whomever is the closest to the hind quarters wins!

Linking up to THESE parties this week!



Familia O.C. said…
Hi! I love your pony on the wall for the cutie marks. What material did you use to draw/color that and keep it nicely on the wall?