Design and DRAW your own My Little Pony!

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6:00 AM
My Little Pony!!!
We love ponies at our might already know that!
My daughter is now 9 and is quite the pony artist!
But in planning a fun pony party, we wanted
everyone to feel pony artistic success!
Even the bronies at our house!

Here's a great activity for little PONY lovers at your place!
And a fantastic party game too!

I apologize, I stole (right clicked) a bunch of these images from all over the webland...
I don't have the individual credits for all of them.   All credit should be given
 to the creators of MLP, Lauren Faust and her people.

Here's some bare bone pony templates.
Print them off...I printed onto cardstock.  Five 8 by 10's.
We laminate ours, because we can.
Lots of pony bodies...then the eyes and accessories.

We used lightweight's see-through enough to see the
 template underneath without a lightbox!
But you could tape them onto the windows too...
 My 9 year old daughter was thrilled...and my
almost 11 year old son was excited too!
Then the kids could trace ponies to their hearts content!
The only thing that involves 100% their creativity is the HAIR.
There was NO way I could do a template for all the varieties of hair...
if you want to make it to me!  :)

This is my favorite.
My daughter did a "Family" picture of ponies...look closely.
I'm the Princess one...
 And yes, This is dad...his cutie mark is a Whoopie Cushion!
Ha ha ha!  I totally laughed when I saw she did that!

 Here's the one from the 10 year old son:
(yes, he was forced to do this, but actually really enjoyed it too!)

More from the 9 year old daughter:

 Here's mine.  It's my family too!
Dad and mom...boy, girl and boy.
Great for CARD making, buntings and banners,
or other fun Paper crafts!

I can't even tell you...we spent hours just "testing" these out!
Now we just need to color all of them!  :)

Linking up to THESE parties this week!



Holly said…
This is so great! My kids are gonna love it!
scott and tara said…
LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I think you already know how much we love ponies at our house too. Thanks so much for putting these together and sharing.
Unknown said…
Thank you so much! I'm a therapist and I'm going to use this with some of my kids.
Sailormoon said…
I love this it makes it so much eaiser to make scenes but could you also make some hair templates please i could really use them
Anonymous said…
Thank you for these! Mine are a bit younger, so I just printed the bodies for them to color & decorate. They LOVED it!
Hi,I'm nine and I am TERRIBLE at drawing ponys so I was lookin' for tips,this didn't really help,but cute blog!
Elaine said…
I googled drawing my little ponies and found this post. Thank you SO MUCH! My daughter is in HEAVEN!
Jayme said…
These are so cool I love using them!!!!!
Sue said…
Thank you so much for assembling all these wonderful images! My daughter is really enjoying them!
Unknown said…
hi can u due a main one ? i d love that im ten and love mlp the budiysand the main wuld be perfect for me im terebul at drawing mains for the ponys thanks
Unknown said…
I made some hair stencils and 2 tutorials
Unknown said…
These are so cute! Thanks for sharing, can't wait to draw some ponies with my teen friends :)