My Little Pony Button Badges!

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6:00 AM

I got a badge a minit button maker
quite a few years ago.
It is so fun.
We do pinbacks and magnet backed buttons!
Here's the supplies:
badge a minit press
pin backs
badge tops
clear mylar sheet

We just printed our images on lightweight printer paper
(don't use anything heavy or it wont fit the badge right)
Cut them out.

Set a badge top in the blue ring.

Add your image on top

Add the clear mylar sheet

Twist on yellow ring

turn over.  insert gray ring.
set green disk on top and press down.

One solid click down

Remove green and gray pieces.
turn over.

Add the red disk right on top of the picture

Press one solid click down.

Lift up and add pinback in the blue ring.

Put green disk right over pin back.
Put into your press...and press!
I squeeze around the edges too...

Out pops a beautiful badge!
Vote for Pedro!
Let me say, I've messed up a takes some practice.
but it is so fun!

We went crazy, as usual, and made a bunch
of My Little Pony buttons!  Like 32...
I just found pictures of the ponies that we loved...
and fit them into the template I made for buttons.
Had to use a Daring Do!
and all the little fillies!
I absolutely LOVE Discord!
 Each pony is the cutest little filly!
Love DJ Pon3
 Rarity is my favorite!
Love the Party Cannon of Pinkie Pies!
And the Cutie Mark Crusaders!
 Derpy Hooves is such a doll!
Little Spitfire, Chrysalis the changling queen, Nightmare Moon
and a few varieties of Princess Celestia!
Lotus Blossom and her fillies!

Please do not use these images for commercial use.
Right click to save off.
These would make a cute banner or cupcake toppers too!

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