My Little Pony GEEK WEEK!

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6:00 AM
I love a weekly theme!
I hereby decree that this week is My Little Pony week!!!
Our love of My Little Ponies.
Here's the story...I was born in the early 80's...and was
raised on the old school My Little Pony's.
I had Applejack, Blossom and Puddles and Peaks the twins.
not excessive, but loved them.
I've since found some old school ponies at yard sales and have a little stash.
And my sister in law gave me the boxed peacock pony!
 I love these little babies!
These are my ponies...and I don't let my kids play with them.
My brother got married...and his wife, I learned right away,
 was a hardcore My Little Pony collector.
She's got a room of Ponies from the olden days...
awesome and valuable!
They even did a My Little Pony Christmas tree for the Festival of Trees!
Complete with the "Here comes Christmas Candy Cane!"

 Wouldn't you love that?
I *wanted* to do a Pony themed Christmas last year...and
 ran out of stamina...that seems to be happening a lot lately.
 Maybe next year.
Anyway, clearly any aunt that makes a pony tree is a favorite!

She gave my 2 year old daughter her first was Baby Cuddles.
Since then, she's given her lots and lots of ponies!
Now my daughter is 9...

Our love for My Little Pony has blossom forthed since
 the new version comeback of the ponies and the fun cartoons.
(see what I did there?)
If you haven't watched it yet, just look on
youtube for some episodes.  So cute!
Even the boys are getting in on the fun...bronies,
 they are loving referred to as.

Bring on the pony merchandise!
I'll buy anything in the dollar bins Pony related!

So, come back each day this week for more Pony Fun!

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Xayide2 said…
Ah ha! Blossomforth! I'll get my own pony tree up sometime. :)
RockPaperBeauty said…
Wow! I love the Christmas Tree! It is so magical!
Kelly B said…
I LOVED My Little Ponies when I was little & I still have most of them :) My daughter on the other hand watches the cartoons, both new and old, but never got into the toys :(
Holly said…
I recently got the Doctor Whooves pony for my pony crazed girls. We all love it!