DIY Tool Belt for little guys!

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Do you have a little man that loves tools?
Or carrying things around?
Or putting rocks in his pockets while out on walks?
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Why not make him a cute dangerous little tool belt pouch for his treasures?!
This was made by my 8 year old daughter.
This was her Christmas gift to her little brother.
She loved making it for him and he loved it almost as much!
Here's what you'll need:
Black canvas material
Webbing or belt strap
(I bought 50 yards of webbing on ebay back in investment ever, and I still have yards could use a current belt and just some fabric for the loops...)
1 buckle

And a little sewer!

We just cut some rectangles (4 of the same size)
and had Hailee sew 2 together, just a straight stitch around 3 of the sides.
She felt so awesome that she could sew!

Then fold down the top open part and hem it.
While keeping it inside out,
Then I notched off the bottom corner...

flattened it out and pinned it to make a box shaped bottom to the pouch.

Both sides

Then sew them.
Cut the edges.
Zig zagged the cut off edges
Cut a bunch of strips of strap.
used a lighter to melt the ends so they wouldn't fray.

took 2 straps per bag and hot glued them on in a loop
like this.
Sewed the buckle onto the strap for the belt and just
 threaded it through the pouch.
We stitched some webbing strap on the front for holster type guns or hammers.
If you do add this on, it's easiest to sew it on before sewing the 3 sides of the pouch.

Fill it up!
So proud of her little project!

Adjustable'll fit him until he's in high school!

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Anonymous said…
Wow...awesome job, Hailee!! I need to make myself one of these for working outside...collecting berries, putting my clothes pins in while hanging laundry. Thanks for the idea and the tutorial!