Plaster Lego Minifig and Star Wars Magnets!

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6:00 AM
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We have this awesome Lego Man Silicone Mold that we bought on ebay.
We used it to make colorful crayons here!
When I say "we", I mean the 3 kids and me.

We mixed up some Plaster of's cheap ($5) and you can get it at
a home improvement store...Then we pour it in and let it dry.
And yes, we made a mess!  
Once they dry, they are easy to clean off excess's not super hard concrete.

Then we pushed them out of the molds and let them dry/cure overnight.
They are EXACTLY the same size as a real Lego Minifig!
Adorable right?  These would be fun to paint at a Lego birthday party!
We painted our minifigures

And glued a magnet on the back with E6000...let it dry

and stuck them to the dirty fridge!
Painted by my kids (10, 8 and 4)

AND for our Star Wars Party in September
We used plaster in these Star Wars silicone molds (also ebay)

Let them dry, spray painted them and then hand
painted in the blue details for R2D2!

What a piece of Junk!
You came in that? You're braver than I thought!
Love it!
So fun to set the plaster and then get to paint it!
The molds wash & clean up perfectly and are ready for cupcakes!
Silicone molds are so much fun!
They can withstand High and low temperatures.
So you could make crayons, ice cubes, plaster, chocolate, butter, clay...

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love this cute lego magnets!!
So cute! I'd love for you to link this up to my Link Party tomorrow.

Unknown said…
What an awesome idea! Thank you for sharing!!!😁