10 fun ideas with a Mason Jar!

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6:00 AM
 Need some ideas for easy gifts?
Here are 10 great gift ideas all made with
 Mason or other glass Jars!
Cheap and fun--and FAT FREE!  :)
Great for Neighbor or your kids friend gifts!
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 DIY Mason Jar Straw Lids!
($1 grommet, plus the jar--or just give the lids as a gift...everyone has jars!)

Laundry soap neighbor gifts!
(less than $1 each)

Eye Spy jar
(Used jar, Random little things...filler $2)

Crackle paint Mason Jars 
(used jars, paint, silver spray paint...$3-4)

Tinted mason jars!
(Glue and food coloring and jars...maybe $1)

Frog lids for Mason jars!
(Wire, mason jar lids, E600...about $8-10 for supplies...would make tons!)

Sewing jar pincushions! 
(Cork, stuffing, fabric, hot glue, half pint jar...about $2 each!)

Slime in a jar!
(perfect for a nephew, grandson, boy friend gifts...)
(glue, borax, food coloring...$1)

Magical Wishing Fairies!

 Calming Glitter Jar!
(About $2-3...unless you already have glitter!)
There--10 simple ideas.  There's tons more...
Cookies or Mixes in a jar...chalkboard jars...hot glue or puffy paint jars...
other glass awesomeness

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Anonymous said…
These are really cute and fun ideas! I would love if you could share this at my blog hop http://www.ablossominglife.com/2012/12/frugal-crafty-home-hop-2.html