Vintage Jewelry Armoire Redo/DIY!

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6:00 AM


Hard to believe it started like this.
Nearly a YEAR a state far far away...

I haggled a sweet older couple down from $25 to $9
on this vintage jewelry armoire.
The knobs were broken off...severe scratches...and needs work.
I got it last November (2011) with the hopes of
finishing it for myself for Christmas.
That didn't happen.

We shipped it along with the rest of our stuff to North Carolina...
where it sat in the garage for nearly 6 months.
I told my husband that I needed help figuring out how to get the knobs off...
since the hardware didn't go through the whole drawer front.

Immediately, he popped off the facades and took the knob hardware off!
He labeled all the drawers and faces for me.

It wasn't until THIS point that I realized that this vintage dresser was
laminate...not full wood. blech!
So, instead of sanding and refinishing beautiful wood...
I primed them and spray painted them AQUA!

Totally justified in using spray paint!
I left the pink velvety interior though! It's in great shape
and looks like a nightmare to refinish!

Once everything was painted blue,
I took it all inside.
Used glue to attache the facades and new knobs from the store
(I splurged! 5 crystal knobs were $2 each, the 8 silver knobs were $2.47 each)
You do the math! I used (part of) my $200 gift card
from my recent Astrobright win!


Put it all the top piece...
and took it outdoors for a picture fest!

Love that ring drawer!

Love those curvy legs!

Still some dings and dents...but who's looking?

It's packed with jewelry now!
I am thrilled! :)
And all my bedroom furniture matches!
Blue for me, Black for my hubby--Perfect combo!
Merry Christmas to me!

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Tara-Aussie said…
Looks awesome. Good job. I wish I had that sort of dedication!
Lisa said…
I have one similar to this. However the lid is so mangled my son (the engineer) says it can't be fixed. Any ideas regarding refinishing what I can and doing something different with the top?
sara said…
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