My Little Pony Perler Bead Art!

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6:00 AM
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 We love My Little Ponies!  See these shirts!
Especially the Friendship is Magic episodes!
Seriously, they are TOO cute!
 So my daughter and I set to work making little ponies
 out of Perler Beads or Melty beads as I call them!
Here are the main 6 stars of the show...
I did the ponies and my daughter made each of their pets! 

Pinkie Pie and Gummy

Fluttershy and Angel

Applejack and Winona

Rainbow Dash and Tank

Rarity and Opalescence

Twilight Sparkle and Owloysius 
(my daughter writes Owlwishes)

 I took an old canvas...
 And painted over the entire thing!
 Hot glued them right in place!

 I love the texture and the pixilated look!  
It's hanging in my daughters room now!

And, for fun, we created some custom ponies!
Tropical Mist and her frog
Lucky Clover and her cardinal
 Peachy Keen and her butterfly
This was a fun project!
It's nice to have a goal when playing with perler beads...
otherwise you end up with a bunch of colorful coasters.

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I love Perler beads! And I'm loving the little make-your-own ponies too :-) Thanks so much for sharing at The Fun In Functional!
Anonymous said…
it's like bit8 my little pony! love
Rachel said…
Too Cute!
Kim said…
Very cute. My girls are hooked on Perler beads at the moment. Now need to look for a pegboard so the can do these.
Unknown said…
My girls would love this! Really cute and I love the "custom" ponies! :o)
Crafty Mischief said…
Too cute! My little girl will love this!
Katie said…
i had to click your link when i saw my little ponies--i am a nanny of three little girls and they LOVE this show and thanks to netflix we watch it everyday after their afternoon naps :) this bead art is something i did as a little girl and am very tempted to buy a whole set to make these ponies with the girls--thank you for such a cute and great idea :)

katie@little things bring smiles
Jocelyn said…
I remember using these beads when I was little...haha to the coasters because that is what I ended up with all the time!!! I am way impressed! Yours look just like the show!!! And such a fun way to spend time with your daughter:-)
Sew Can Do said…
These are so fantastic - you girls should be proud! Would love for you to link these up to my Craftastic party:)
Tara said…
Those are too darn cute! My daughters would love these! You made it to our featured blog spot this week! ;) Have a super week! Tara at Trendy Treehouse.
Unknown said…
How fun!! My daughter loves,loves, loves my little ponies!! What a great project and they all turned out so cute!
These are adorable! And much better than the coasters I always made ;) You are one creative mama! Thank you so much for sharing this at my Throwback Thursday party! I'm so happy to have you share your projects with me and I hope to see you again this week!