Spy Gear Binoculars! Little Boy Crafts!

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6:00 AM
Do you have a little spy?
I do.  When he's not cruising in his jet packs...
he is sneaking around corners with his toy gun in hand.
I figured some spy binoculars were in order!
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 One of the things I love about him, is his honesty.
He does NOT like to pose for pictures--
so this is all him, honest as can be!
But that bird in the background...totally staged :)
You will need 3, well basically 2 1/3 toilet paper rolls.
You can use paper towel cardboard tubes or wrapping paper tubes...
Just upcycle some garbage.  Free project--love that!
Start by cleaning them off...I let my 8 and 10 year-old help with that part!
Cut a small 2 inch or so piece off 1 of the tubes.
Make it curve on either side, so it snuggles the tubes on each side.
Like so.  Not perfect...but it doesn't have to be.
Just hot glue it in place!
Hold it together until the glue dries.
ta da!  easy as that.
I put a ring of glue on one side, just to make it look different and cool...
sloppy, but cool.
Spray paint it!  I used a gunmetal silver color...whatever you have is great!
Punch holes on each side...string a rope or shoelace
 through the hole and tie it off.
Binocular perfection.
Ah yes, I see it now!
Hours of seeking and searching fun!
Maybe he'll use them to check out the full moons this month!
That's right, August is a Blue Moon month...meaning there will be
2 full moons...one today and one on the 31st!
Wont happen again for about 3 more years!  Anyhoo...

We played spies all day!
The 8 and 10 year old want some too now!

We took them to story time at the Library,
and all the kids there LOVED them!
Jared was reluctant, but shared for a minute...
Yes, free crap RULES!

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What a cute idea! Free crap does rule :-) Thanks so much for sharing at The Fun In Functional!
So simple but so cute! It looks like he loves them!
Jocelyn said…
Such a cute and simple idea!!! I love that kids love the free crap:-) It looks like he had a blast with them!!!
These are soooo cute, Nat!! Featuring them tomorrow night at the party! Thanks so much for linking up!

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